Introducing Harrington's TCW Series Lube Free and Wash Down Air Powered Hoists


Our model TCW lube free, wash down air hoists are designed for use in humid, outdoor or limited corrosive environments or where equipment must be washed or hosed off regularly.These hoists also operate without air supply lubrication, leaving work areas free of oil mist from air exhaust.

Harrington’s TCW hoists feature an unpainted compact & lightweight cast aluminium body, zinc-plated corrosion resistant load hooks, nickel-plated load chain and have stainless steel and bright chromate coated components for wash down applications. Gear box and chain lubricants comply with FDA standards for use in food processing and pharmaceutical industries.

The TCW hoists are available in ½ and 1 Ton capacities with either pendant or cord controls. They may also be paired with Harrington’s push trolley for added mobility.  Standard features of the TCW hoist line include an unlimited duty cycle continuous operation, fast lifting speed for applications where speed is critical and easy access external speed adjustment capability.

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