SHB Low Headroom Trolley Hoist

Lift Right When Space is Tight

Sometimes there’s just not enough room above a load to use a standard hoist. That’s where our low profile SHB trolley hoist works where others can’t. Built around our quality CB hoist, this product is ideal for demanding industrial lifting applications where space is extra tight.

Ultra Low-Profile Lifting & Maximum Hook Travel

Harrington's SHB trolley hoist lets you use every inch of available space. The short headroom feature is specifically engineered to provide maximum hook travel that meets the demands of your constricted lifting application.

Maintenance-Free Sealed Trolley Bearings

Focus on the task at hand, not the maintenance of your equipment. The maintenance-free trolley bearings on the SHB are sealed and life-long-lubricated providing you with years of smooth, reliable, quiet operation.

Permanently Attached Hand Geared Trolley

Engineered to function as a single unit, the SHB integrates the proven performance and durability of Harrington's industrial grade CB hoist with a permanently attached geared trolley.

Heavy-Duty Wheels & Steel Side Plates

Heavy-duty lifting applications need heavy-duty equipment that can stand up to your demands. The SHB’s cast trolley wheels and structural steel side plates take the weight and provide rigid support and reliability at the same time.

  • 1 - 10 Ton
  • ANSI/ASME B30.16, “Safety Standard—Overhead Hoists (Underhung).”
  • ANSI/ASME HST—2M, “Performance Standard for Hand Chain Manually Operated Chain Hoists.”
  • Built-in trolley with cast wheels, sealed bearings, and steel side plates for heavy-duty applications
  • Durable all-steel construction
  • Rugged gear case and hand wheel cover
  • Compact design for low headroom
  • Heat-treated manganese alloy
  • Grade 100
  • Standard Lift: 20'
  • Forged, heat treated alloy steel hooks open gradually without fracturing under excessive load
  • Heavy-duty hook latch
  • Hand chain operated
  • Reduced operator fatigue through efficient drive train
  • Double reduction gearing requiring very low effort to operate
  • Induction heat-treated and case-hardened
  • Enclosed to protect from dust and water
  • Maintenance-free sealed bearings increase reliability and reduce pull force required to lift loads
  • Double pawl springs for extremely reliable operation and instant brake activation
  • Enclosed to protect from dust, rain, and dirt
  • Custom lift lengths to suit your requirements
  • Chain container
  • Corrosion resistant load chain