Our Product Videos show all of the top quality features and benefits each product offers to help you get the most out of your current hoist or discover a new lifting solution that may improve your business.

CF Hoist News

Harrington's CF hand chain hoists were designed for portability and durability. These hoists are the economical and practical choice for efficient, trouble-free service.

LB Lever Hoist

Harrington's LB lever hoists combine easy operation with a compact, low headroom design that easily handles real-world demands. Rated the number 1 selling lever hoist in the U.S., these hoists can be used horizontally, vertically, inverted or at any other load angle and have the strength to get the job done.

CX Mini Hand Chain Hoist

Harrington's CX hoists are notably the world's smallest hand chain hoists. Their light weight and extremely compact design make them ideal tools for high or difficult to reach places.

CX Mini Chain Hoist

Harrington's CX Mini Hand Chain Hoist is the smallest and most lightweight hand chain hoist in the industry. This hoist will tackle jobs with light loads or in difficult to reach places. This is a hoist you can carry anywhere!

LX Mini Lever Hoist

Harrington's LX Mini Lever Puller, fits conveniently in a toolbox and is available in 1/4 and 1/2 Ton capacities. It can easily handle jobs in many applications including transportation, construction and plumbing.

Harrington LX and CX Mini Hoists

Harrington's LX mini lever hoist is lightweight, compact and built to perform. Harrington's CX mini hand chain hoist is the smallest and most lightweight hoist in the industry. These hoists are perfect for use in transportation, plumbing, maintenance and construction.

EQ SEQ Chain Hoist

Harrington Hoists, Inc. explains the features and benefits of their EQ and SEQ Dual Speed (VFD) Electric Chain Hoists.

EDV Mini Electric Chain Hoist

Harrington's ED-V Mini electric chain hoist is a super small hoist that is a "must have" for all small repair and maintenance projects. This hoist features Smart Speed Technology.

ED Single Phase Electric Chain Hoists

Harrington’s ED-V Mini single phase, single speed electric chain hoists are built with Smart Speed Technology. This allows the user to change the factory set speed of 16 fpm (8 fpm for 1000 lb capacity) to a higher speed, within each model’s maximum range, by making a simple adjustment inside the hoist when necessary. These hoists will handle critical or awkward loads by providing the speed and precise load positioning needed for a wide variety of lifting requirements.

SNER Electric Chain Hoists

Harrington's SNER electric chain hoists are built for extreme duty applications that require single phase power. A hoist with a 60 minute, H4 duty rated motor is revolutionary and unmatched in a single phase offering.

NER Hoist

Harrington's (N)ER enhanced features three phase electric chain hoists are equipped with the latest technology in the market today. All models include a low headroom, lightweight body with a fan-cooled motor, standard thermal motor protection and a count hour meter for preventive maintenance. A secondary mechanical load brake is an additional features on ER models only. Simply the best hoists on the market!

Mini Air Hoist by Harrington

Air Hoists by Harrington have a unique manipulator control for fine feathering of the load. These compact and lightweight air hoists are appropriately named the Mini-Cat. Learn about the features and benefits of this ergonomic air hoist including the hoists high speed lifting capability and unlimited duty cycle. This is the perfect hoist for repetitive work in assembly line and workstation applications.

TNER ETL Certified and New Speeds

Harrington's TNER entertainment hoists are now available in two additional models. All TNER theatrical hoists are ETL certified to ensure user safety.

TNER Theatrical Hoist

Learn about the features and benefits of our TNER Entertainment Three Phase Electric Chain Hoists by Harrington.

Harrington’s TNER hoist

Take a closer look at all the ways Harrington’s TNER hoist is changing the entertainment rigging industry.

Harrington's TNER Entertainment Hoist

See Harrington's TNER entertainment hoists in action!

Food Grade Hoist

Harrington's N/ER Food Grade hoists are perfect for any facility where incidental contact with product is a concern.

TCS Cheetah Air Chain Hoist

Harrington's TCS CHEETAH air chain hoist is available in 1/4, 1/2 and 1 Ton capacities with either pendant or cord control. This hoist has extremely fast and uniquely adjustable lifting and lowering speeds. The TCS is lightweight, compact and has outstanding feathering ability making it a perfect fit for fast-paced assembly line and workstation crane applications.

TCL Lube Free Air Hoists by Harrington

Harrington's TCL Series lube free air hoists are able to operate without air supply lubrication which leaves the surrounding environment free of oil mist from the air exhaust.


Harrington's Four Point Sack Lifter Beam is designed to lift bulk container sacks. The HFPSL is available in 1 and 2 Metric Ton capacities with outside spreads of 36 and 48 inches.


Harrington's Standard Duty Lifting Beam is ideal for low headroom applications. The HSDLB is available from ½ thru 80 Ton capacities with outside spreads from 3 to 48 feet. Additional sizes and capacities are available.

RY Features & Benefits

Harrington's RY Series Electric Wire Rope Hoists are designed for safety, reliability and performance. These ultra-low headroom trolley hoists have an H4 duty rating for high demand applications and standard configurations are certified and listed to UL 1340 “Standard for Hoists”

Harrington Crane

See how easy if is to set up and assemble a Harrington crane.